Sushi is the ultimate food in Japan. Ninja is the ultimate warrior in Japan. Ultimate × Ultimate = Sushi Ninja!

A long time ago, there was an empire called
"Sushi Ninja Empire" that lasted for hundreds of years in the Far East land.
But someone destroyed this empire.

In order to resurrect the empire,"seasoningd of happiness" are necessary.
But they have been hidden somewhere in the world.

Where are the "seasonings of happiness"?
Can Sushi Ninja find the "seasonings of happiness"?
And what are the "seasonings of happiness"?

The adventures of "Sushi Ninja" starts now!


Cast Interview #01

Ikura: Yuki Kaji
Tamago: Mamoru Miyano
Maguro: Romi Park

Cast Interview #02

Maguro: Romi Park

Cast Interview #03

Maguro: Romi Park

Artist (Main Theme) Interview

Hironobu Kageyama / Masaaki Endoh / Hiroshi Kitadani

Produce: GENCO

GENCO produced "Sword Art Online", "Ikkitousen", "Queen's Blade" and "Nodame Cantabile" hit Animation TV series.