Sushi Ninja x Instagram [AR photograph] Award

Sushi Ninja will be holding new contest called “Sushi Ninja x Instagram [AR photograph] Award” following our last project “The Omoshiroi Nippon Video Award”!

■Application Guideline■
Take a photo with our monthly theme with using “Sushininja AR Selfie Camera” (free app).

Please be sure to include 3D Character of Sushi Ninja appearing on the screen when you use “Sushininja AR Selfie Camera” with the monthly theme on your photo.

Please download or display the AR marker below the description of “Sushi Ninja AR Selfie Camera” app to incorporate Sushi Ninja characters into your photos, for example, use the AR marker printed out or displayed with other mobile devices separately from “Sushi Ninja AR Selfie Camera” app.

* Although “Sushininja AR Selfie Camera” includes “selfie” function, it is not necessarily to include yourself on your photo.

Please make sure to hashtag “#sushininja”, and post your photos to Instagram.


The Award Bureau will choose “Gold”, “Silver” and “Bronze” prizes in all the photos posted every month.

The best photo winner of the month will receive “Sushi goods” every month!
Furthermore, we will invite the best photo winner through a year to World Cosplay Summit 2016 that will be held in Nagoya, Japan!

(Only for applicants from outside of Japan)
All of Gold, Silver, and Bronze prize winners will go to the final selection and have a chance to win the trip to Japan.
We are so looking forward to seeing your photos!

Sushi Ninja x Instagram [AR photograph] Award has completed

Thank you very much for many apply  for “Sushi Ninja x Instagram [AR photograph] Award.” We announce that application period for Sushi Ninja AR has terminated on this 15 June 2016. After reviewing, we will announce grand prix photos soon.

Please wait for further announcement!

[Sushi Ninja x Instagram [AR photograph] Award was announced during the ceremony of “The Omoshiroi Nippon Video Award” in World Cosplay Summit 2015]